2021 – Electroacoustic, 4 channels

First performed at Derry Sound Factory at Echo Echo Dance Theatre on 16 November 2021.

“gap” explores modal synthesis using IRCAM’s Modalys programme. The beauty of the Modalys system is the ability to create virtual instruments using simple physical objects and measurements, in this case a collection of bowed strings. The material properties of the “strings” vary greatly in composition, length and density. Some mirror the properties of specific materials such as catgut, nylon and silk and others use parameters which are not easily attributable to actual materials. The lengths and densities for the strings vary too, from real world measurements of physical objects to measurements of idealised objects (for example a string with a length of 10 meters and a density of 1900 kg/ m^3).

This track is a stereo realisation of a four-channel work. Please contact me for the separate mono files if you wish to perform the work on a multichannel system.