2017/21 (v2.0) – Solo flute

First performed at Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC) by Aisling Agnew on 28th October 2022 as part of Hard Rain Soloist Ensemble’s “Augmented Vocality” concert.

The “little flowers” of ornamentation that the title of this work for solo flute suggests form its central impulse. At a number of different levels, the piece deals extensively with ideas of elaboration, embellishment and decoration. Strictly speaking, fioriture are embellishing notes not belonging to the essential harmony or melody of a particular musical line. The underlying “melody” of this piece is similarly elaborated, embellished and decorated (in
spirit if not in the actual musical surface), in a manner that is not a million miles away from the practice of ornamentation found in the traditional musics of these islands.

Fioriture is one of three pieces on the album “Trope”, recorded by Aisling Agnew (flute/ bass flute) and Sarah Watts (clarinet/ bass clarinet).
Recording and mastering by Cormac O’Kane at RedBox Recording Studios in Belfast.
This recording project was made possible by a generous grant from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.