James King and Peter O’Doherty present cyber-tech texted phonemes, sibilants, velar nasal agmas, buzzing hiss-pops and fricative fun. Recorded in Derry, N.Ireland in June 2019.

Texts taken from “20 Performance Texts (2019)” by Peter O’Doherty, a collection of computer-generated pseudorandom texts.

gap-edge-line (2021)

Each composition in this trio of compositions explores a different, specific sound synthesis technique: “gap” explores modal synthesis using IRCAM’s Modalys programme; “edge” deals with aspects of granular synthesis using SuperCollider; and “line” focuses on phase vocoding, again using SuperCollider.

These tracks are stereo realisations of the original multichannel works which were composed specifically to be heard on multichannel systems: gap and edge are four-channel works; line is an eight- channel work. Please contact me for the separate mono files if you wish to perform any of the works on a multichannel system.