Recent work

A selection of recent work and performances.

Disembodied voices

For two performers, objects, texts, video and sound.

Performed by James King and Peter O'Doherty at St. Augustine's Old Schoolhouse, Derry, on 15th of June 2019

Within breath and without

For two performers, objects and texts

Performed by James King and Peter O'Doherty at "Online Performance Art Festival", 29th of March 2019"

Ways of remembering music

For speaker and one or more musicians, to a text by James King.

First performed 22nd of September 2018 at The Glassworks, Derry, Ireland by James King, Peter O'Doherty and Amanda Koser


For flute and clarinet


What I do

I am first and foremost a composer and sound artist.
Under the rubric of what could be called the "expanded field" of composition, I produce work that falls into several categories:

  • Scores

    Often constructed with the aid of computational algorithms, to be interpreted (mostly) by human performers.

  • Electoacoustic music

    Composed invariably using software and difused in performance using multi-channel audio playback systems.

  • Performance

    Using voice, (in)animate objects and electronics.

  • Texts

    Constructed and assembled with the assistance of algorithms; performed verbally, or in written form.

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